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In this rapidly changing world, ‘Conversational Bots’ are the newest trends

According to the formal definition, it is an ‘Intelligent Bot’ that talks but in reality, it has become one of the most commonly used technologies in industries of almost all domains. In simple terms, a chatbot is doing what was previously done by humans which you know by the name of call operators or customer satisfaction representatives. To understand chatbot, let’s first understand the need of chatbot instead dwelling into the details of what this technology is all about?

Why Chatbot?

Customer Satisfaction is vital to every company as they consider customers as their highest stakeholders. Organisations aim for absolutely no unresolved complaints and 100% customer happiness. Earlier a whole industry consisted of operators who attended to consumers and resolved their queries.

The main aim was to keep customers happy so that they could continue their relationship with the company.

However, the problem was that multinational companies soon grew in size and started catering to a larger audience. There were a huge number of complaints that were registered and human agents were unable to resolve them owing to limited human capacity. Technology came to the rescue and there came the invention of Chatbots! A machine answering to every generic customer query in a fraction of a second and alerting ‘real’ humans in case of complex queries.

Chatbots became immensely popular back in 2010 and continue to grab the attention of every company that deals with customers in some way or another.

Understanding the Technology

Till now you might have got an idea of what exactly the chatbot does. It is basically a software that talks to your customers like a real human would and the heart of this technology is NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Chatbots parse the text that is given to them as input and goes through a series of complex algorithms before initiating a response.It is correctly said that chatbots, just like any other AI technology, get better and more accurate with time as they ‘learn’ at each and every moment.

An Array of Domains

This revolutionary technology has multiple use cases and not just one. It serves several multiple purposes. Be it a feedback system or a customer care service or a booking & searching portal, an efficient Chatbot is always the best choice.

Be it e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare, legal, FMCG or literally any other industry, a chatbot is a must-have for all! The Chatbot is like a digital yet customised agent for your customer. It will help the customer in choosing the best product, placing orders, getting the best deals and a lot of other tasks. Be it scheduling journeys or booking tickets, a chatbot serves you the best. Customers complain of difficult/lengthy processes and difficult user interface. But a chatbot can easily chat with your customers as a real human would!

“Deploy a Chatbot and Get Unlimited Customer Happiness”

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