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A look at the changing marketing tactics and what would work best for you!

The world of advertising has seen colossal transformations in the past few decades. Blame it on the rapid growth of technology or the growing number of wiser and more aware customers, the fact is that the world is changing and we need to keep pace with it.

What doesn’t work?

In order to know what works, it is important to know what doesn’t.Gone are the days when consumers were bombarded with obnoxious, over-the-top pop-up messages. These gimmicks don’t work anymore as your potential consumers have softwares that block your advertising messages at the first place. In the age of technology, consumers also have no dearth of information. They can very easily find out about your website, customer reviews, market performance in a couple of minutes no matter where on Earth they are.
An extensive research on market says that a consumer has more than 60% of the information before they even reach out to a sales representative.

Riding on a Change

Companies now require disruptive ways to market their product, make sure they grab the attention of the right people – ‘the potential consumers’ and more importantly to turn theses targeted clients into real ones!

A proper study and thorough research of market is an absolute essential going forward in strategizing your marketing tactics.

Data Science plays a crucial role here, as it is helpful in providing useful customer statistics and marketers should know how to use these numbers to create engaging ads compelling the audience to give your company a chance.

Automation to Rescue!

Automation is another effective tool of marketing. A ChatBotembedded with WhatsAppfor example is a great way to give away information on deals, offers directly or ChatBot on your website keeps the customer engaged and makes user experience all the more delightful!

It is observed by reliable sources that marketing automation on average drives up to 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

Also, when mundane and repetitive tasks are automated, employees get more time to dabble upon their creative potential and come up with creative ideas to generate leads and attract more and more users every time!

Advertisers need to ponder upon their company’s primary goal and then come up with an array of ideas that accentuate their strengths in the most relatable ways.

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