Robotic Process Automation – Stepping into The Future

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“If you think Internet was a revolution, wait for the milestones ‘Automation-the untapped reservoir of opportunities’ is set to reach”

Mechanization entered our lives long ago, with the revolutionary invention of the wheel which was arguably the first attempt to magnify human power. From a wheel that covered long distances, to giant machines set up in industries to manufacture products with reduced human effort, mechanization has come a long way and changed lives of people at every step of its evolution. The umbrella of mechanization broadened itself with time and included the term ‘Automation’ under itself. Automation basically does what mechanization did for all these years – performs tasks that were previously done by humans. The only distinction between the two is that automation is more inclined towards the world of computers. Automation is basically letting the machine do the mundane, repetitive tasks, it’s like recruiting a digital workforce in your company. The electronic employees in your company is said to do a task more efficiently and more cheaply than any other traditional method.

Hello Bot!

Robotic Process Automation is an accelerating trend growing at an exponential rate, Forrester predicts that it will grow from $250 million in 2016 to $2.9 billion in 2021. Companies all across the globe are deploying various forms of automation like RPA, chatbots and many more to upscale their sales revenue and ace the game of customer services. A bot in your company ensures completion of given tasks with almost zero error rate and at a much less time than a human employee would. Automation will definitely bring in excellence in the company’s work if bots are given efficient tasks with proper instructions and guidelines. Apart from perfection in work, another benefit that a company incurs is major cost cutting. When a client uses RPA effectively processing costs can be reduced up to a whopping 80%. RPA and automation in general bring with themselves a huge potential for cost saving and efficient work – flow. It is now upon companies, organizations and business to see how they gauge this untapped reservoir of huge opportunities to disrupt the market with their ideas. It’s time you introduce the bot to your company and give the task of bolstering the company forward on its electronic shoulders. Say ‘Hello Bot’ and enter the world of unprecedented success.

A Job Eating Monster?

Just like any other new technology, robotic process automation too has instilled fear of unemployment in the minds of millions of industry professionals across the globe. Over 37% of workers are worried about directly losing their jobs due to automation, this statistic indicates towards a worried and anxious workforce which is not a good sign for the economy. Employers and employees both need to understand that automation is not here to kill jobs rather it an opportunity to create an array of new professions across industries. It is true that work that involves repetitive tasks or doesn’t involve higher order thinking skills will be replaced by bots but at the same time the fact remains that millions of new ones will be created.

AI & RPA Will Create 2.3 Million Jobs in 2020, While Eliminating 1.8 Million- Gartner

Be it an automation consultant, RPA developer or business analyst, the world of artificial intelligence brings a host of opportunities; make sure you are ready for a workplace which requires you to have technical skills blended with industry specific ones along with excellent soft skills.

The Secret Ingredient

Automation brings an array of benefits with itself. Robotic Process Automation enables companies to impart better customer services as a bot is always there to resolve customer queries24*7 all-round the year without taking a break! Automation reduces cost of human labors required to do the task and eliminates error that humans are prone to, all tasks and processes are done at a lightning speed with the highest accuracy. Automation is basically like an easy path to success for your business organization. RPA is one of the most disrupting technologies of the 21st century, it’s a growing trend but unfortunately only 3% of companies are using it on a large scale, the scale it deserves to deployed on. All companies that have a strategic and efficient roadmap for RPA are scaling new heights and their secret ingredient is well-managed deployment of the brand-new automation technology.

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