Opting for Chatbots: The wisest decision your company could ever take

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Every customer call is a potential business prospect. Even though it may sound weird because not every customer call is a business query, it is the biggest business truth. Apart from regular business queries, every customer support request is important to build the credibility of the company. Every attended query or request endorses the capability of the organization in well-handling its customers. This only serves to lay the foundation of strong faith in the company and attracting more business prospects.

However, attending to an enormous number of customer calls is challenging and incurs a cost to the company as well. This is the reason most companies are resorting to chatbots to address this need. Artificial intelligence and machine-learning-based technologies provide an automation solution that can fulfill the requirement of attending customer requests and not prove to be costly as well.

Chatbots have proven to be the apt solution to address the need of attending to customer calls and queries. Most companies are opting for chatbots instead of conventional human staff resources. And all this for a valid reason. Here are ways how chatbots prove to be beneficial:

Conversational AI or chatbots are much Faster than Human Resources

The faster response and call resolution times ensure a quicker closure of calls than the conventional system. The bots are equipped to handle human queries and use pre-programmed systems and networks to understand the motive of the query. Alongside, the customer history, problem content, and clickstream data help to properly place the query and deliver faster resolutions. This has many advantages. Not only does it become possible to handle a large number of queries within a stipulated time, but also ensures customer satisfaction due to faster resolution.

Chatbots are Cost-effective options compared to conventional systems

IVR technologies prove to be costlier due to the cost of human resources. Comparatively, the cost of chatbots is cheaper and is a sustainable option. With lesser call resolution time, the per-call cost is also less than conventional methods. Also, with the lesser engagement of human resources, the availability of resources for other operational engagements multiplies.

Round the clock Availability

A chatbot is available for interaction 24x7for all the days of a year. This is important especially if there are customers from different time zones. The fact that a customer can reach out at his convenience is an impressive credential of the organization.

AI-backed Chatbots and Voice Assistants provide a personalized experience

The machine learning algorithms, in collaboration with human validation, provides an insight into customer intention and the basic pattern of the thought-process. This makes it easier to handle queries in a much more personalized way. Thus it brings great potential for future marketing by understanding better customer needs and offering them the right solutions. Personalized solutions and customised offeringsincrease the conversion rate of leads to loyal customers.

Changing pattern of customer knowledge

It may be observed that over time, a major customer base belongs to the newer generation who are tech-savvy and internet-dependent. For such clients, it is easier to place their queries through chatbots at their convenience than rely on human-dependent systems such as the IVR systems. It is much easier to follow the instructions via chatbots and switch to a human user if need be than to wait for live interaction with human assistants. So, automating their experience improves their reliance and trust in the company.

Marketers see an average 20% increase in sales by offering personalized experiences. The ML algorithms can be used to generate training data for different intents and can be used to predict the needs of every user. Machine learning algorithms are combined with an intuitive approach to human-supervised validation that improves your intent matching over time and hence provides a much more personalized experience.

Intelgic provides customized solutions to develop such AI-backed virtual assistants to improve customer experience. Cost-effective and technologically apt, these chatbots can positively influence the overall revenue of the organization. Developed by our panel of experts, these bots are capable of understanding queries and detecting human emotions, and offering the right resolution accordingly. One of the greatest advantages is the hassle-free change-over process from the current one to the AI-backed one. But above all, it is a highly cost-effective system that is now the first choice for most big companies. Switch to the technology the world is heading towards with support from Intelgic.

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