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Robots are entering workplaces. Make some space for your new co-workers

The advent of technology was more than a couple of decades ago. Artificial Intelligence soon followed and made its way into our lives. From entertaining us to answering our queries right away, AI has come closer before we even realized.

In the wake of COVID-19, the next wave of AI is hitting our offices. Yes, you read it right. From cash machines to mechanisation of industries, automation has now become smarter! Industries in all domains have recognised automation/robots as legit workers.

A chatbot attending to customers on your behalf, RPA solutions making workflow easy, smooth and efficient or a human-like robot working as you do. Each one of them constitutes a robotic workforce.

A robot is a new co-worker for everyone, for employees, customers and even bosses. This new recruit is doing all tasks efficiently, without any complaints and more importantly with no weekends!

The amalgamation of automation and AI makes for a perfect robot for your organisation. Be it a simple and low-complexity task or one that involves decision-making skills, robots are a perfect match for your company.

A robot is simply an asset to your business organisation. These low cost, high productivity and efficient workers are adorning your annual sales graph each day they are working with you.

For all those who fear the loss of jobs, here’s something for you from Gartner.

“According to Gartner AI & RPA Will Create 2.3 Million Jobs in 2020, While Eliminating only 1.8 Million”

In the midst of a pandemic, robot workers are more relevant than at any other time in the history of humankind. Humans are socially distant from each other and it’s the best time for robots to aid their creator when they can’t be physically present in offices!

It’s time for robots to come forward and commence a new wave of a digital workforce. It’s time you welcome your new colleague, the Bot.

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