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A miniscule virus has turned the world upside down in just a few months. However, if we look at it through a pair of inverted glasses, there is a silver lining in this crisis.

The world is locked down in their houses and this has forced almost every organisation to make its employees ‘Work from Home’. This shift from conventional working styles to new modern ones, have reinstated our dependence on technology. We are dependent on internet, computers, machines and advanced algorithms more than any other time in history.

One more technological concept that has emerged from this unprecedented threat to mankind is ‘Automation’ and its various application like SAP Automation, Excel Automation, Chatbot and a host of others. While human contact is avoided as far as possible, robots and machines have proven to be perfect and efficient employees.

While front line workers and administration workers are doing their best to fight away the virus, we the privileged class can look for new opportunities to make the next decade the decade of revolutions and inventions.

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