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Few innovations and advancement of technologies can change the shopping experience in online stores in the future. E-Commerce is dependent on technology and as technology will change, it will also change the e-commerce. The following innovation in the technology world may change the online shopping experience.

1. Conversational AI: With the help of conversational AI, now we can build a digital assistant which can help buyers throughout their shopping life cycle. Buyers can chat or even talk to the digital assistant during shopping. Starting from the product specifications to order history, the modern digital assistant can answer all of the questions instantly. Talking with Digital Shopkeeper while shopping in online stores, is going to be a new experience for buyers.

2. AR and VR: Unlike Brick and Mortar stores, E-commerce does not allow a customer to touch, and feel the products. Augmented reality and Virtual reality can give that feeling to some extent.

3. Drone: Amazon is already testing the drone based product shipping. It shows that the drone will be vastly used by the e-commerce industry for the delivery of products. Drone based shipping and delivery will give a new experience to the buyers.

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