DevOps: Leading the Digital Transformation

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Not just a tool but a methodology in itself
DevOps has the capability to transform the capabilities of any business organisation by simply encouraging effective collaboration between teams. Not just a tool but a methodology in itself, DevOps remains an unexplored concept for most organisations.

Understanding the Concept

The word ‘DevOps’ is made up of two words. Development and operations (IT), the collaboration of these two words make ‘DevOps’. It signifies that DevOps aims at shortening the system development life cycle and providing continuous delivery without compromising on the quality.

DevOps is basically a solution to the problem of communication between different teams of same organisation. It is a methodology working towards successful collaboration that leads to fast, accurate and agile delivery of products/ services.

An organisation empowered with the technology of DevOps incurs more benefits than one. With DevOps, developers have better understanding of the whole production environment and not just their role in the whole infrastructure.

DevOps: The face of Change

From planning to executing and delivering, DevOps improves collaboration between all stakeholders of the company.

A successful implementation of DevOps increases the frequency of deployment of end product. Also, the rate of failure of service/product is exponentially decreased and even if there is an error, DevOps also shortens the lead time between fixes.

“DevOps market generated approximately 2.9 billion in 2017 and the market is expected to reach more than $6.6 billion by 2022.”

To survive in a crisis, you need to be updated, efficient and relevant all at the same time. Adopt the digital transformation before it kicks you out of the race, adopt the power of DevOps before it’s too late!

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