4 Things which Conversational AI will change in the next 5 years

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Soumen Das


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Conversational AI is all set to change the way we communicate with businesses, machines, software and even with another human. It not only automates the conversation; it also reduces the dependencies of the availability of the other party involved in the conversation.
The world is busy and people want to reduce their involvement in associative tasks and focus on the core area.

Following areas where Conversational AI will have a great impact in next 5 years-

1. Customer Care

Customer care is a business segment where communications happen between the customer and the business. Most of the communication between customer and business is predictive and formal. Conversational AI has the full ability to automate the communication and its processes in the customer care department.

2. Communication between human and software

Human is born with the ability of voice communication. I believe, this natural instinct will change the way to communicate with software and machines. Each business uses multiple software or systems to automate the business processes and, in order to follow these processes, we communicate with software with keyboard, mouse, etc. Intelgic believes that Conversational AI will bring a revolution in this segment and change the way of communication between human and machine. People will communicate with software and system with voice communication.

3. Mobility

People have already started to use voice communication for playing music on Youtube. If we can play music with voice command, why not ordering food, or shopping in e-commerce, or book a car, or ticket. Conversational AI can ease our life by simplifying the interaction between mobile apps and human.

4. Answering Email or Messages

In areas where the conversation can be predicted, for example, receiving invoice or proposal or anything which is known and repetitive, can also be automated with Conversational AI. It can keep the human brain free for core tasks.


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